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It doesn’t get easier then this to back up your CD’s

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Music CDs lying all around the living room are not a very nice idea. A veritable eyesore, in fact. Now Irish music solution provider Ripfactory has come out with an innovative solution to this problem with the very good looking music storage device called the Ripserver. This small very chic-looking device, not much bigger than a shoe box, but packs in quite a punch with it’s monstrous storage capacity of 1 terabyte. That is a thousand gigs of music storage. Very nice! Ripfactory. That means your entire music collection of upto 2400 albums in MP3 format can go into this handy little device. Now again, putting all that music into this device is juat as easy as well. Enter the CD drive, whose slot just looks like a post box slot. Slide in your audio CD’s, the Ripserver will rip them rightaway and archive them. what more, the Ripserver comes with a USB 2.0 port just in case you feel like ripping your music from a pen drive, from elsewhere right into the ripserver. Plug and Play. Very simple.

The Ripserver based on the linux platform is very robust and stable and also compatible with a host of devices like the Linn DS, Sonos, Logitech, PS3 and Xbox 360 making the Ripserver a must have this summer. What’s more, you can sync your music to any modern audio device courtesy the twonkymedia, slimserver and network share feature’s on the Ripserver. But the Ripserver’s biggest plus is its very cutting edge design. Now, you have some real competition Apple!

via I-newswire

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