TRON Light Cycle — Full-Size and Street Legal

TRON Light Cycle

Race your TRON Light Cycle against your competitors

Think you can handle a real TRON Light Cycle?  If you’re a die-hard TRON fanatic hoping to win the heart of Olivia Wilde, or you just have wads of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then this is just what you need!  Ride the grid like a pro on this street legal Tron Light Cycle modeled after the light cycles from TRON: Legacy.  Each tron light cycle is built to order, and you can expect to draw more than just a few glances when you ride down a dark street, lit up as though you just drove off the set of TRON!  Equipped with a Suzuki 996cc engine, a 6-speed constant mesh manual transmission, and customized truck tires, you’ll be sure to win any games with your Tron Light Cycle, whether you’re on the grid–or off.

GET THE TRON Light Cycle

HOW MUCH: $55,000
GET IT: The Light Cycle

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